Cancer screening tests aid in the early detection of malignant or precancerous regions. These tests can occasionally detect problems before you even notice symptoms. According to research, cancer therapies work best when the disease is discovered early. A thorough cancer screening test is essential if you are at a higher risk of having a particular type of cancer. You will require the appropriate package to ensure that you receive accurate information to make a precise test. You can visit Tenet Diagnostics, the best diagnostic center in Hyderabad to undergo these tests. Several cancer screenings are advised for males, which we will discuss below.  

Cancer Screening Tests Recommended for Men

1. Prostate-specific antigen test 

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood tests and digital rectal exams are examples of men’s cancer screening tests. Start having this conversation with your provider at age 50 if your risk is average. Discuss your risk of developing familial prostate cancer and genetic testing with your doctor if you have a significant family history of the disease. A man's blood levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) can be determined with the PSA blood test, a medical screening procedure. The prostate gland, a little gland found in the male reproductive system, produces the protein known as PSA. A tiny amount of PSA is usually produced in circulation, but increased PSA levels can signify a few different prostate diseases.  

2. Thyroglobulin test

The thyroglobulin test is a valuable tool for monitoring and detecting recurrence in people with a history of thyroid cancer or who have received treatment for thyroid cancer during cancer screening test for males. This test measures the amounts of thyroglobulin, a protein the thyroid gland generates in the blood. There could still be thyroid tissue or cancer cells in the body after a patient has had thyroid cancer treatment or their thyroid gland surgically removed. Monitoring the thyroglobulin levels in such circumstances can aid in spotting any potential thyroid cancer metastases or recurrences.  

3. Beta HCG total test

In normal men, beta-HCG levels are never detected. When -HCG is discovered in serum, a tumor is always implied. After surgery, beta-HCG is often utilized as a marker to check for residual tumors and treatment efficacy. The presence of beta-HCG in testicular cancer patients who have undergone an orchiectomy confirms the patient still has cancer that has to be treated. However, given the absence of beta-HCG in the serum, the possibility of active malignancy cannot be ruled out, particularly in individuals who have already had treatment.  

4. Calcitonin serum test

The amount of calcitonin in a sample of your blood is determined by a calcitonin test. A hormone called calcitonin aids in regulating the amount of calcium in your blood. Your thyroid gland produces calcitonin using cells known as "C cells."  Your blood typically contains a tiny amount of calcitonin. However, having too much could indicate:  

When C cells in your thyroid develop out of control, a rare disease called medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) results. The medulla, located inside your thyroid, is where C cells develop.  

C-cell hyperplasia is an uncommon disorder that results in aberrant C-cell development in the thyroid. Medullary thyroid cancer can develop from C-cell hyperplasia.  

5. Alpha fetoprotein tumor marker serum test

This is a cancer screening test for male where blood test called an AFP tumor marker checks the amount of AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) in a sample of your blood. Typically, it is used to confirm a cancer diagnosis and assess how effectively treatment functions. The liver produces AFP as its cells divide and expand to create new ones. Unborn children typically have high AFP levels. AFP levels rapidly decrease following delivery. AFP levels in healthy children and adults are low.  

6. Whole Body Diffusion Imaging for Cancer Screening

The diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the liver or testicles that produce high levels of AFP may involve the use of an AFP tumor marker test. It is employed to: 

Combined with other examinations and tests, help confirm or rule out a cancer diagnosis.  

Analyze the potential future behavior of cancer.  

Keep an eye on cancer treatment. AFP levels frequently increase when a malignancy develops and decrease when a treatment is effective.  


Things To Remember Before Undergoing Cancer Screening Test

1. Age and risk factors 

Know your age and personal risk factors for the many types of cancer. Different malignancies have different risks based on factors like age, family history, lifestyle such as smoking or nutrition, and other medical issues. Based on these considerations, screening suggestions might change.  

2. Speak with a medical professional

With your healthcare practitioner, go over cancer screening. Based on your age, medical history, and family history of cancer, they can evaluate your risk profile and suggest the best screening tests for you. 

3. Making Informed Decisions

Recognize the advantages and restrictions of each screening test. Be mindful that some tests may provide false positives or negatives, affecting decisions about additional testing and treatment.  

4. Screening Frequency

Recognize the suggested screening intervals for every test. While specific tests may only need to be done once, others may need to be performed on a regular basis. 

5. Test Preparation

To guarantee accurate results, follow your healthcare provider's recommendations if the screening test calls for any preparation, such as fasting before a blood test or bowel preparation for a colonoscopy.  

6. Potential Risks 

Be mindful of any possible dangers connected to the screening procedures, such as radiation exposure during some imaging examinations.  

7. Emotional impact

Cancer screening can cause emotional stress and anxiety, mainly if the results are abnormal. Mentally prepare yourself for the potential of further testing or evaluation.  

Why Should You Undergo Cancer Screening Test in Tenet Diagnostics

Tenet Diagnostics' cancer screening packages have several advantages and are essential for preserving men's health. Consider Tenet Diagnostics' cancer screening options for the following reasons:  

  • Precision and Experience: Tenet Diagnostics employs trained and knowledgeable medical specialists focusing on men’s cancer screening tests. 
  • Comprehensive Screening Services: Tenet Diagnostics provides a variety of cancer screening exams that are specifically suited to the requirements of males.   
  • Modern Technology: Tenet Diagnostics is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and sophisticated diagnostic tools.  
  • Personalized Care: Tenet Diagnostics' medical staff is aware of the individuality of each patient's health profile. They offer individualized care and suggest the most suitable men’s cancer screening exam based on age, risk factors, and medical history.  
  • Early Detection: Effective cancer therapy depends on early detection. The screening services provided by Tenet Diagnostics aid in the early detection of cancer, allowing for prompt therapeutic interventions and better treatment results.  
  • Preventive approach: Male cancer screening profile test is done as part of Tenet Diagnostics' preventive healthcare strategy. Early detection of cancer risks enables you to take proactive measures to lower your risk factors.  


Final Words

Consequently, it is critical to comprehend the significance of screening tests for men for early identification and prevention of cancer. Men can protect their health by understanding the importance of age and specific risk factors and adhering to suggested screening protocols. Making decisions regarding cancer screening options requires having frank and educated conversations with healthcare professionals. Men are more equipped to take an active role in their healthcare when they are aware of the advantages and limitations of each test. Remember that each guy has a different cancer risk. Therefore, specific screening advice is crucial. Men may take charge of their health, lower their risk of developing cancer, and improve their overall wellbeing by remaining aware and proactive. Accept the path to health and vitality, and let's work together to improve the health and wellbeing of men.


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