Vitamin B-12, is also known as Cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that affects metabolism. It is one of the essential nutrient in the human body. It aids in the forming of DNA and red blood cells, as well as proper nerve function and brain health. Another reason why Vitamin B-12 essential is that our bodies do not produce it. We must maintain its levels through external means. Because the human body, like most vitamins, does not store Vitamin B-12, so we must consume small amounts of it in our daily diet.

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Vitamin B-12 Symptoms 

Vitamin B-12 Symptoms

• Pale skin

• Constipation, appetite loss, and gas

• Problems with vision

• Nerve impingement, tingling, numbness, difficulty walking, and muscle weakness

• A sore and red tongue (Glossitis)

• Mouth ulcers

• Irritability

• Mental health conditions such as depression, memory loss, and behavioural changes

• Women's temporary infertility

Obese people and meat eaters frequently have higher levels of vitamin B-12.  Its levels more elevated than usual are signs of liver disease, leukaemia, diabetes, and other diseases. If you find any warning signs, contact the Tenet Diagnostic center for vitamin B-12 test  details near me. 

When Should A Vitamin B-12 Test Be Performed?

Although symptoms of Vitamin B-12 deficiency take a long time, it is essential to monitor your body and check for any signs or symptoms.

• Tingling sensations in the feet and hands

• A racing hearts 

• Jaundiced skin with such a yellow tinge due to a low level of red blood cells within the body.

• Insufficient number of rbc’s in the blood leads to poor oxygen circulation causing weakness and fatigue.

• Nerve endings and their function are impaired. Myelin is a substance produced by the body that surrounds and protects nerves. Vitamin B-12 is required for the formation of myelin. Deficiency of this causes pins and needles sensations in the limbs.

• Glossitis is a tongue inflammation that causes it to become red, painful, and swollen. Mouth ulcers are also a sign of Vitamin B-12 deficiency.

• Excessive heat

• Dizziness

• people who follow a vegan diet need to get vitamin B-12 because a lack of dairy can cause vitamin B12 deficiency.

 • Those who have conditions that interfere with Vitamin B-12 absorption.

 • Pregnancies increase cell production and DNA synthesis activity in women's bodies, which requires a lot of vitamin B12 and folates. As a result, it is an ideal way to get tested and add supplements to your diet.

If your serum folate levels are high, your doctor may recommend a serum Vitamin B-12 test. If you sense any symptoms, contact the Tenet Diagnostic centre for vitamin B-12 test price and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Purpose Of the Vitamin B-12 Test

Purpose Of the Vitamin B-12 Test

The symptoms that indicate the need for Vitamin B-12 testing can take years to manifest and are frequently misinterpreted for something else. In general, the need for Vitamin B12 arises when the patient's body is at risk of a condition known as megaloblastic anaemia. The body does not absorb Vitamin B12 in this condition.

Another goal is to detect higher levels of Vitamin B-12 in the body. Higher Vitamin-B12 doses can cause severe skin infections and the disease rosacea, which causes pus-filled bumps and skin irritation.

How Does The B-12 Vitamin Level Test Work?

Doctors typically use a blood test to determine vitamin B-12 condition, yet home urine tests are also usable. A physician can check vitamin B-12 levels as part of a routine blood test.

Although fasting is not required before a B-12 test, it may be necessary if the doctor also uses the test to look at other components in the blood.

Individuals should inform their doctor about medications or supplements, as some may interfere with the results.

Understanding The Outcomes of Vitamin B-12 Test

1. Treatment For Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

Vitamin B-12 levels are considered low if they fall below 197 pg/mL. This finding suggests that you may be deficient in vitamin B-12, have pernicious anaemia, or have an overactive thyroid. In addition, neurological symptoms are common in people with low vitamin B-12 levels.

Persons with low vitamin B-12 levels frequently require vitamin injections regularly. These shots are much more effective than supplements at increasing vitamin B-12 levels, particularly when individuals have medical conditions that make supplement absorption difficult.

High doses of vitamin B-12 supplements may enhance B-12 status in some people. Accessories can be purchased in the form of capsules or liquids from pharmacies, hospital stores, and online. It also will be beneficial to consume more vitamin B-12-rich foods.

2. Treatment For High Levels of Vitamin B-12

Anything above 771 pg/mL is considered unusually high vitamin B-12 status. This finding could indicate liver or kidney problems, diabetes, or certain types of leukaemia.

There is no upper limit for vitamin B-12 consumption because excessive amounts are not harmful. On the other hand, having naturally high levels of vitamin B-12 in the body may cause concern because it indicates a severe underlying condition. Therefore, doctors will focus on treating the underlying medical issue rather than the elevated vitamin B-12 levels.

The doctor may also verify the levels of methylmalonic acid (MMA) and other substances to see if you are deficient in vitamin B-12. These lab values aid in the early detection of vitamin B-12 deficiency.

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Vitamin B-12 Food Sources

Vitamin B-12 Food Sources

Although absorption problems and other medical issues frequently cause low vitamin B-12 levels, some individuals may be deficient since they do not receive enough vitamin B-12 from their diet. This is particularly true for vegans and vegetarians who have been vegetarians for a long time.

Vitamin B-12-Rich Foods Include: 

• fish and seafood

 • meat 

• eggs

 • dairy products

 • fortified plant-based dairy alternatives 

• fortified breakfast cereals

 • fortified nutritional yeast

Vitamin supplements can help make up for dietary deficiencies, especially for vegans and strict vegetarians. In addition, because supplements are more accessible for their bodies to absorb than natural sources of vitamin B-12, older adults should strive to meet their vitamin B-12 requirements through food supplements and vitamin pills.

How Much Vitamin B-12 Do You Require?

The amount of B-12 you require is determined by your age and whether you are nursing or pregnant. Vitamin b-12 test Normal range values are 197 to 771 picograms per millilitre (pg/mL).

The following table shows how much is required


Daily amount based on microgram (mcg)

New-born to 6 months

0.4 mcg

7 to 12 months

0.5 mcg

1 to 3 years 

0.9 mcg

4 to 8 years 

1.2 mcg

9 to 13 years

1.8 mcg

14 to 18 years

2.4 mcg

19 and above

2.4 mcg

pregnant women

2.6 mcg

Breastfeeding women

2.8 mcg

While high vitamin B-12 levels may indicate other conditions, consuming too much vitamin B-12 does not appear to have any adverse health consequences.



Vitamin B-12 is a necessary nutrient that is essential for good health. A vitamin B-12 level test assesses a person's vitamin B-12 position. A doctor may suggest this test to persons with deficiency symptoms or at a higher risk of having low vitamin B-12 levels in their bodies.

People can prevent vitamin B-12 deficiency by eating a well-balanced diet that includes multiple sources of vitamin B-12 daily or by taking supplements. If they cannot absorb vitamin B-12 from food, oral supplements or injections of the vitamin can help prevent complications and symptoms.

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