Tenet Radiology Services

We provide magnetic resonance imaging or MRI, a diagnostic imaging technique that obtains minute images of your body's internal organs and tissues.


LCMS is a speciality division of biochemistry which deals with the quantitative analysis of proteins in blood and urine samples. This technique has numerous applications including newborn screening for various treatable disorders ,quantification of drugs and vitamins.

CT Scan

We provide multiple detectors computed tomography that helps pinpoint the location of abnormalities.


We provide Ultrasound techniques to provide accurate pictures of the body’s internal structures without using ionizing radiation.


We provide advanced Mammography procedures to see the inside tissues of the breasts.


We provide X-ray or radiography to get greater visibility of specific organs such as blood vessels and tissues.

2D Echo

We provide Echocardiography, a test that can produce live images of the heart with the help of sound waves.


We provide OPG tests that can portray the teeth both the upper and lower jaw on a single film.


We provide Treadmill Test (TMT) to find the stress on the heart. PFT - Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) to find out whether the lungs are working well.


We provide Bone densitometry, or dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry or DEXA to help diagnose osteoporosis and evaluates the individual’s risk for developing fractures.