To monitor your health status better, pathology testing helps not just to diagnose or test a disease but to prevent it as well, by detecting possible precursors. These services include tests done on clinical specimens for the purpose of obtaining relevant information of your health to define appropriate health and lifestyle precautions. Some procedures are invasive while others are not. Our main aim is to provide quality services focused on prevention and early detection of diseases, using latest technology, sophisticated equipment and follow stringent quality measures. With our complete spectrum of services from routine tests such as CBP or Blood Glucose to highly specialized investigations for infectious diseases, cancer markers, hormonal assays, therapeutic drug assays etc. Each individual discipline is headed by experienced, professionally qualified medical doctors supported by a team of qualified and trained technologists. All quantitative investigations are undertaken on fully automated state of art the analyzers, to eliminate the chance of any human error.

Technology Highlights:

Newborn Screening / MetabolicDisorders / Vitamins / Immunosuppressants

Flow Cytometry

Analysis of Blood & Body Fluid in Routine Hematology / Immunophenotyping


Automated System for Diabetic & Thalassemia Testing


Allergy Screening

Liquid Based Cytology

Cervical Cancer


An Advanced Prenatal Risk Calculation System

Immuno Fixation Electrophoresis



Chromosomal Disorders.


Autoimmune Disorders

Multiplex RT PCR

Molecular Diagnostics.

Automated Clinical Chemistry Systems

Automated Clinical Chemistry Systems.


Quick & Accurate Measurement of Plasma Proteins/Immunoglobulins.

Automated Microbial Identification and AST Systems

Automated Microbial Identification and AST Systems.



Services Offered:


LCMS is a speciality division of biochemistry which deals with the quantitative analysis of proteins in blood and urine samples. This technique has numerous applications including newborn screening for various treatable disorders ,quantification of drugs and vitamins,


Immunology tests deal with the detection of antigen and antibodies present in the blood in response to a particular pathogen. These tests are used in infectious diseases, cancers, organ transplantation, and autoimmune disorders.

Clinical Biochemistry

Clinical biochemistry deals with the measurement of analytes, which aims to diagnose and monitor various diseases. This department includes a large number of diagnostic tests that help understand pathogenesis and etiology of different diseases. It is essential for early diagnosis of a disease and also assessment of its therapy efficacy.


This division of pathology deals with estimation of cell counts and study of cell morphology to diagnose various blood disorders ranging from simple infections to cancers. Bone marrow studies bleeding disorder tests and tests related to blood genetic disorders are also performed here using some advanced techniques like flow cytometry and HPLC etc

Clinical Pathology

This division of pathology deals with study of various body fluids like urine, CSF, ascitic fluid, synovial fluid, pleural fluid etc. The quantitative estimation of cell counts helps in the presumptive diagnosis of various conditions thus helping in the differentiation of infectious from non infectious and malignant causes


This department deals with tests to detect microbes like the bacteria, virus and fungi. Different manual and automated techniques are used to identify the organisms present in blood and body fluid. The antibiotic sensitivity pattern to that particular organism can be obtained for appropriate treatment.


This department deals with the tests related to detect the structural and numerical abnormalities in the chromosomes responsible for various disorders.These tests are used to diagnose a few cancers and genetic disorders.

Molecular Pathology

This department deals with the DNA and RNA based tests for particular genes present in blood, body fluid and tissue. These molecular techniques are used to diagnose and monitor some infectious disease, cancers etc


This is a diagnostic division of pathology that deals with study of cellular elements obtained by minimal invasive procedures like fine needle aspiration of palpable superficial swellings and other studies include morphological study of cells collected using a cyto brush. PAP smear test is the best example. These procedures are quick, efficient and a non-traumatic way of detecting cancers and aid in differentiating from non cancers


This division of pathology deals with study of surgically excised tissue involving microscopic examination using routine and special stains. Ancillary tests like immunohistochemistry, Frozen sections, Immunofluorescence are also used for precise diagnosis. Services of this division play an essential role in diagnosis and prognostication of both cancers and non cancers.


Radiology provides critical inputs when doctors and physicians are in the process of determining and identifying a patients medical problem. Reliable radiology services are essential for medical professionals to confirm or negate certain medical conditions. At Tenet, every procedure is supervised by our team of highly qualified and experienced Radiologists, to ensure that the results are accurate and clinically relevant to enable better diagnosis. With our commitment to reliable, accurate and responsive diagnosis, Tenet houses a complete spectrum of radiology services like the High Resolution 3D Ultrasound and 64 slice Cardiac CT scanner.

Technology Highlights:
MRI - 3T/1.5T

MAGNETOM SKYRA - Total Imaging Matrix - 4th Generation, Ultrafast Scan with Neuro and MSK Quite Suite. Go Brain - 5 min Fast Scan

CT Scan

Fast and Precise Imaging. SAFIRE - Low Dose CT. Inline Computer Aided Detection (CAD)


GE Logiq S7 R2, P9, F8 - Cross Beam Imaging, XD Clear, CEUS


STIC/Omniview. Auto IMT/EF


GE Lunar Prodigy Advance Compact Bone Densitometer - Encore/FRAX Software with Auto Analysis. Subject Trend Analysis

ECG/ENMG/EEG - Mac 2000

Cutting Edge Marquette, 12 Lead ECG with Analysis Program and Resting ECG.


Mammomat-Automated Exposure control for Extremely Low Radiation Dose. Swivel Arm with Compression for Maximum Subject Comfort.


Image Intelligence with High Speed Processing, SAR with High Efficiency Dry Imager.                                                                               

TMT - Mac 5500/Cardiosoft

Digital Signal with ECG Analysis Algorithms.


Digital Signal with ECG Analysis Algorithms.

Services Offered:


We provide magnetic resonance imaging or MRI, a diagnostic imaging technique that obtains minute images of your body's internal organs and tissues.

CT Scan

We provide multiple detectors computed tomography that helps pinpoint the location of abnormalities.


We provide Ultrasound techniques to provide accurate pictures of the body’s internal structures without using ionizing radiation.


We provide advanced Mammography procedures to see the inside tissues of the breasts.


We provide X-ray or radiography to get greater visibility of specific organs such as blood vessels and tissues.

2D Echo

We provide Echocardiography, a test that can produce live images of the heart with the help of sound waves.


We provide OPG tests that can portray the teeth both the upper and lower jaw on a single film.


We provide Treadmill Test (TMT) to find the stress on the heart. PFT - Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) to find out whether the lungs are working well.


We provide Bone densitometry, or dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry or DEXA to help diagnose osteoporosis and evaluates the individual’s risk for developing fractures.


At Tenet, we pride ourselves on providing quality services for the prevention and accurate detection of diseases.

Services Offered:

Hospital Lab Management

We have entered an era of subspecialization and customisation today, be it in imaging or laboratory services. Add to it the constantly galloping input costs for the reagents, the utilities, the human resources and so on, and this puts a significant strain on the bottom line. Hence, healthcare institutes should look to focus on their core competencies like patient care, intensive care, operation theatres, emergency care, etc., instead of utilising the limited financial and management bandwidth on laboratory management. For hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and such enterprises, it makes better financial sense to outsource the laboratory management to an established specialist with an enviable track record. Not only does this help streamline processes better for substantial savings in terms of operational costs but it also enhances their reputation, as partnering with a reliable diagnostic center like Tenet helps them keep up with the best practices in laboratory medicine and offer consistent quality

Corporate And Industrial Employee Screening

Health surveillance for corporate and industrial emplyoee is an area of increasing concern to all stakeholders. Good health surveillance provides enough cushioning for emplyoee to take redressal and preventive measures against health ailments because it tells early on if the employee’s health has taken an unexpected departure. We, at Tenet, will actively engage with industries for health screening, provide occupational health education and advice on health risks and exposure to specific hazards at work. Under this vertical, we will also promote baseline health data in the preemployment medical check-up. This data will provide the reference against which changes post-employment can be measured to consistently record the health of the employee. This will save man-hours, increase productivity and most importantly ensure an employee’s medical fitness and well-being.

Central And Regional Processing Lab

To achieve efficiency, we have set up a Central Laboratory in Hyderabad and multiple Regional Laboratories in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Samples collected in all above mentioned centers will be processed at the Central Laboratory and web-based reports will be delivered to the respective centers/partners.

Business To Business (B2B)

We also offer B2B services to small and large Diagnostic Laboratories, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics. In this model, test samples will be collected from the B2B clients and the same will be processed at our various processing labs . The tests being offered range from regular to specialised tests.

Health Camps

At Tenet, we nurture a dream of bringing quality healthcare to everyone. It’s this passion that drives our initiative under the Tenet Diagnostics’ banner to take healthcare facilities to communities, companies and villages where people are deprived of essential medical amenities. Our team of highly experienced professionals set up health camps regularly to ensure that people always make a little time for their health.

Flagship Centers

Tenet Hub is our flagship brand, where we bring together state-of-the-art equipment, premier medical software and experienced health experts for accurate, reliable testing and results across pathology & radiology. With technology like 3 Tesla and our experienced staff, our floor is equipped to handle a diagnostic challenge of any measure. So, when your patients turn to you for guidance, turn to us for quick, reliable information to help you make the right diagnosis.

Express Centers

Tenet has multiple Pathology Collection Centers called Tenet Express in all the neighborhood areas of all the metro cities and district headquaters of Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This will primarily aim to cater to large residential pockets where there is a quick blood sample collection without long waiting.

Research & Development

R&D plays an important role in creating a unique environment that separates us from the other commercial diagnostic centers and places us at the forefront of diagnostic centers across India.