Other Business Verticals

Hospital Lab Management

We have entered an era of subspecialization and customisation today, be it in imaging or laboratory services. Add to it the constantly galloping input costs for the reagents, the utilities, the human resources and so on, and this puts a significant strain on the bottom line. Hence, healthcare institutes should look to focus on their core competencies like patient care, intensive care, operation theatres, emergency care, etc., instead of utilising the limited financial and management bandwidth on laboratory management. For hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and such enterprises, it makes better financial sense to outsource the laboratory management to an established specialist with an enviable track record. Not only does this help streamline processes better for substantial savings in terms of operational costs but it also enhances their reputation, as partnering with a reliable diagnostic center like Tenet helps them keep up with the best practices in laboratory medicine and offer consistent quality.

Central and Regional Processing Lab

To achieve efficiency, we have set up a Central Laboratory in Hyderabad and multiple Regional Laboratories in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Samples collected in all above mentioned centers will be processed at the Central Laboratory and web-based reports will be delivered to the respective centers/partners.

Business to Business (B2B)

We also offer B2B services to small and large Diagnostic Laboratories, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics. In this model, test samples will be collected from the B2B clients and the same will be processed at our various processing labs . The tests being offered range from regular to specialised tests.

Health Camps

At Tenet, we nurture a dream of bringing quality healthcare to everyone. It’s this passion that drives our initiative under the Tenet Diagnostics’ banner to take healthcare facilities to communities, companies and villages where people are deprived of essential medical amenities. Our team of highly experienced professionals set up health camps regularly to ensure that people always make a little time for their health.

Flagship Centers

Tenet Hub is our flagship brand, where we bring together state-of-the-art equipment, premier medical software and experienced health experts for accurate, reliable testing and results across pathology & radiology. With technology like 3 Tesla and our experienced staff, our floor is equipped to handle a diagnostic challenge of any measure. So, when your patients turn to you for guidance, turn to us for quick, reliable information to help you make the right diagnosis.

Express Centers

Tenet has multiple Pathology Collection Centers called Tenet Express in all the neighborhood areas of all the metro cities and district headquaters of Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This will primarily aim to cater to large residential pockets where there is a quick blood sample collection without long waiting.

Research & Development

Research & Development plays an important role in creating a unique environment that separates us from the other commercial diagnostic centers and places us at the forefront of diagnostic centers across India.

Corporate And Industrial Employee Screening

Health surveillance for corporate and industrial emplyoee is an area of increasing concern to all stakeholders. Good health surveillance provides enough cushioning for emplyoee to take redressal and preventive measures against health ailments because it tells early on if the employee’s health has taken an unexpected departure. We, at Tenet, will actively engage with industries for health screening, provide occupational health education and advice on health risks and exposure to specific hazards at work. Under this vertical, we will also promote baseline health data in the preemployment medical check-up. This data will provide the reference against which changes post-employment can be measured to consistently record the health of the employee. This will save man-hours, increase productivity and most importantly ensure an employee’s medical fitness and well-being.